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Really enjoyed playing this, can't wait for the full game. 

I am definitely going to get the full game as soon as I can

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I'm not able to download the game for Linux with the client even though the download for Linux on the website is there and I can get it through a web browser.  When I click the download button in the client however, the "install" field is empty, and when I click on it, the dropdown is just an empty blank bar.  When I click install, it says there are no compatible uploads to choose from.  Sounds like the versions might not be tagged correctly as being for the different platforms?  Other game demos work just fine and show the "install" box populated, like for example.

Regardless, would love to see the full game here on too!


Are there any plans to bring the full version to or just the demo ?


I do wonder as well.


I would prefer to get the game here, instead of GOG or Steam.

(+1) is the best!  Meets basically all of my wants: DRM-free, open source client that isn't required (unlike GOG's client, that also isn't available on Linux), and I assume there's a refund system although I haven't looked into how good it is in comparison to Steam/GOG.


That is the one thing I will give to Steam: the refund system is by far the easiest and quickest.

Really?  Damn.  Hope adopts a better one soon then!

For me anyway it isn't just the vagueness of their return policy but the effort it requires. On Steam I can simply click a button for a refund and the process is started. I don't have to explain anything or talk with anyone. For you can request a refund but it requires explaining to someone why you need it. I do understand with stores with Itch it isn't as easy as Steam due to the games being DRM free. In theory with too easy of a refund policy one could buy the game, download the install files and then refund it while keeping the files. With Steam since you can't download the install files you can't do that as easily.

Did you get the Linux demo through a website or the client?  For some reason the client method isn't working for me while it works fine for other games such as  Also yay for public sex!

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Is suspect the demo downloads are simply not marked as executables for the respective OSes on the site, hence the itch client doesn't offer the installation option.

You might be right.  I haven't tried comparing the web download link contents between this and other games to find out.


This was a great DEMO. We enjoyed it very much!

Can't wait for the full release. The voice acting was perfect!

Her eis ashort video we made while playing: